Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Happened?

We'll never know exactly what happened or why. The SAR team with search dogs found Wade on the eastern slope of Mt. Whitney, where he had fallen from a great height, probably on the Sunday that he set out. It seems that after he left his pack, he climbed back to up to the ridge in an attempt to come back down the route he had come up. The end was quick, and Wade didn't suffer.


  1. Julie and I would like to express our sincere condolences. If there is anything we can help with here at Driftwood Key please let us know. Wade was a good freind on and off the mountain. The last time I saw him was at Oktober Fest where he had a big smile on his face telling me about his climbing plans.
    Jim and Julie Morrison

  2. Wow. It's still so hard for me to believe he's gone. Even as I broke the news to Brad last night it seemed unreal. He just returned from a mission and I wasn't able to tell him until now. It was quite a shock and he took it hard. We talked about how Wade took us up our first "mountain"...which was really just Hurricane ridge when I was 8wks pregnant...and how we had planned to go with him again this coming summer now that Leah was big enough to make the trip in a backpack. We are still going to do it - for Wade and his memory. It's so heartbreaking to lose the Uncle we just finally got to know over the last few years. We loved him, Jeanne and the whole family instantly. Although his time came much, much too soon...I am glad for Wade to have been doing something he truly loved when he passed. The night after I heard the news of Wade being found I was working on an Oncology unit, where most of my patient load was terminal. It was so incredibly sad...but then I thought of Wade and felt some peace knowing that he went quickly - we may not have gotten to say goodbye, but somehow I think Wade would prefer it more to be a "see you later"...and we will someday.
    Brad, Leah and I would love to come out to see you whenever you'd like, and if you need help with anything please let us know. We will be at the memorial of course, and Sue and Elaine will be flying in for a few days at that time. Talk to you soon.
    Sending lots of hugs - OOOOOOO
    Love, Angel

  3. My deepest regrets that he has passed on ,however no regrets the way he lived or the family and friends that obviously loved him so.I'am A Whitney Hiker and will always have a thought and prayer for him and his family everytime I set foot on that Mountain.
    "Wade did not go up on that Mountain to die, He went there to Live"