Friday, October 30, 2009

More Info

In my first post I forgot to say that a pair of hikers reached the summit on Monday (the day after Wade was there) and they took a photo of the paper registry at the top. Wade's name wasn't there. This may be because he was too tired and cold to sign it at the time, or he may have turned back before reaching the summit. These hikers came up a different trail than Wade had been on, and didn't know anything about him being missing at the time. We feel lucky to have this piece of information, however inconclusive it is.


  1. Did those two climbers come up the Mountaineer's Route? That is probably the second most popular route to the summit. I hope SAR has interviewed them by now.


  2. Yes, they came up the Mountaineer's Route and they have talked to SAR, I don't know if they've had a full interview.

  3. Michelle & Jeanne,
    This is Jeanine. I emailed Jeanne my email & cell number. My sisters or I wil check the blog frequently & keep my parents up to date.
    My thoughts are with you. Michelle, give Jeanne a hug for me.
    Love, Jeanine

  4. I hope that this will be the shortest-lived blog in history. I hope that soon you will shout "Dads home!".

  5. Wade is going to be fine. His first word's to the SAR team will be: "You all didn't have to do this, I'm fine, just had to wait until the weather cleared up"