Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Next?

Kathryn and Julie are here now, and after some rest, we'll begin making plans for what comes next.


  1. Our deepest sympathy Jeanne, Michelle, Katheryn, Julie and Steven.
    You are in our prayers. We pray that the Lord would comfort you during this extremely difficult time. Our hearts are grieving with you also.
    The Lord is close to those whos hearts are breaking along with numerious family members and friends

    Terri & Bob Huntley
    (Daughter and son-in-law of Jim and Bev Zilles)

  2. We pray that the peace of God and His Presence would be with and bring comfort to you all on this very sad day.

    Eric and Jenny Dooley
    New Life Fellowship of Churches
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  3. Dear Jeanne, Michelle and Family.

    I'm so sorry to hear the news of Wades's death. I want to offer you the use of my guest cabin - close to Brunette's Twin Spits home. It is small with has a kitchen/living area, bathroom and two bedrooms. One with a queen size bed. The other has a twin bed and bunk beds. I am flying home tomorrow (Sunday) and will be getting in late in the evening. You can call me on my home phone (360-638-1208) and leave a message or on my cell phone at 360-710-0646 if you would like to use it.

    Again, my deepest sympathy.

    Jeananne Oliphant

  4. Jeanne, Kathryn, Michelle, Julie, Steve,
    We join you in grieving the loss of Wade. We'll miss him greatly, he was such a neat guy and fun to be around.

    If we can be of help in providing transportation from SeaTac, or in returning Jeanne's car to Washington, please let us know. We'd be glad to help in any way.

    You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers,

    Arlyn and Bev

  5. Dear Family
    I was one of the searchers looking for Wade. It was an immense, intense effort put forth by the best rescuers in the state. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of every single rescuer on this SAR is with you and yours.
    Please leave information here for any open services. There are many people following here and on the Whitney bulletin board who would love to be there to show their support.
    Please know that you are in my most ferverant prayers tonight.

  6. Dear Jeanne, Michelle and Family

    My deepest sympathy in the loss of Wade. He will be greatly missed. Your family are in my prayers.

    Tom Zilles

  7. As we all grieve today, I am remembering Wade's energy, his wonderful smile, & especially his laugh. A unique, Wade Brunette, chuckle. When he smiled he had an amazing sparkle in his eyes that it is one very beautiful memory.

    To the rescuers, thank you from all our hearts for your incredible, selfless & tireless efforts, going beyond the call of duty to find Wade. Rest assured that friends & family of Wade remain forever grateful.

    10 years ago I lost my younger Brother, Matt, on Mt. McGinnis in Alaska. The only saving grace during a shockingly painful time on this earth was all the people who surrounded us, showed their love, shared their grief with us, wrote us cards, & remembered special moments out loud with us. Just hearing a heartfelt “I am sorry for your loss,” was a comfort. If one had nothing to say, a simple hug or hand on our shoulder was enough.

    The biggest comfort of all comes from praying to the Lord to welcome Wade home. May our Lord be with us and comfort us, especially Wade's family, every hour of every day this next year as we most deeply feel his loss.
    God bless you Wade…
    Tanya Hansen

    ‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall want nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, and leads me beside the waters of peace; he renews life within me, and for his name’s sake guides me in the right path. Even though I walk through a valley dark as death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me, they staff and thy crook are my comfort.’ Psalm 23

  8. Our prayers are with you at this time. We have prayed in two specific ways:

    1. That this will be a time of growing closer as a family. That God will bless you all with peace, the peace that "surpases our understanding" and transcends the frustrations and tragedies of life (Phillipians 4:7).

    2. That for you both, Julie and Geritt, God will grant a new season of favor while in Indonesia. That He will bring a season of joy and great victory after this season of mourning (Jeremiah 31:13).

    We will remain in contact with you. Our prayers will not stop for you all.

    In Christ
    Josh & Jaclyn Smalley

  9. There are never the right words to express how deeply sad we are that you all have to endure this loss. Wade will be truly missed by everyone who knew him no matter where they crossed his trail through life.

    My deepest sympathies to Jeanne and all the family. It grieves me to read the news that no one wanted to see.

    V/R Mike

  10. "No wonder the hills and groves were God's first temples...For my part, I should like to stay here all winter, all my life, or even all eternity." - John Muir 1911

    BiletChick - WPSMB

  11. Dear Julie and Family,

    Iwan and I share the grief and the loss you are going through right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Frida and Iwan Jahja
    Cary, NC