Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Information

I have some new developments since last night.

The weather is better today, much less wind. There are helicopters going up. I just saw the Chinook helicopter heading for its second trip up. According to Micah of the SAR headquarters, this helicopter is from the National Guard, and they are trying to place two teams, one at the summit, and one at Iceburg Lake.

I heard earlier that a CHP helicopter was up doing reconnaissance.

The Sequoia National Park service has two helicopters inserting ten teams, up to five people per team (no fewer than two people per team)


  1. Michelle, this blog is great. Thank you so much for setting it. Good luck today. Tanya

  2. Michelle-

    Having been through this sort of thing myself, my thoughts are with Wade, you and your family. I am hoping for the best outcome.

    Here is another site monitoring the situation:

    Sam Page

  3. Michelle,
    Conditions are far better now, I'm sure there will be a lot of people above trail crest today. A very experienced Mountaineer overnighted just below trail crest on Wednesday night and reached the summit on Thursday morning. He did spend some time searching around the summit, and a little below the shelters at trail crest.
    There are some pictures taken yesterday that can be viewed here: